Southampton General Hospital

ESTS Logiclave - Autoclave & Steam Sterilizer Technology

ESTS, are a UK based manufacturer and service provider of autoclaves and steam sterilizers.  During the summer of 2017, the Company was commissioned to replace the sterilization equipment within the Sterile Services Department for University Hospital, Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (SGH).   The existing sterilizers were reaching the end of their useful working life, becoming unreliable and prone to a significant number of failures.  One year on, ESTS look back at the project and consider how the sterilizers have performed both in terms of reliability and user satisfaction.

From the initial stages of the project, it was apparent that there would be issues to address.  Lead times would be critical particularly as pressure vessel insurance certification for at least one of the existing sterilizers was close to expiration.

As a busy Sterile Services Unit within a large teaching hospital, clearly, service downtime had to be kept to a minimum.  Due to the scale and complexity of the project, a carefully planned and phased approach was needed to avoid disruption.

At the outset, the companies design team produced a series of detailed designs to fully remodel the plant room layout.  This was needed to ease the loading of the No.1 sterilizer and to create space for future expansion - potentially accommodating a fifth sterilizer or clean steam generator plant.

The design also included bespoke stainless-steel catchment trays (bunds) below each sterilizer to mitigate defects in the existing floor slab and also ensured that the existing loading equipment remained compatible with the new sterilizers and throughout the department.

The final stage of the planning process focused on the implications of delivering and moving large items of equipment around a busy hospital.

When the planning stage was completed, ESTS manufactured and supplied four Logiclave® PL800 Porous Load Sterilizers all from their base in Northamptonshire.  The 800-litre capacity Logiclave® PL800 was deemed the ideal solution for this busy department.  Over the next four-month period each sterilizer was individually delivered, installed, commissioned and accepted before putting into service.  Staff training sessions were also run to prepare key personnel transitioning from the old to new sterilizers.

The Logiclave® type Sterilizers are well recognised for their reliability where evidence backed reports from cloud based independent monitoring systems show them to be highly dependable.  One year on, each sterilizer has now successfully completed over 2000 process cycles with only two minor breakdowns reported.

Colin Hartop – Projects Director at ESTS comments… “despite the scale and complexity, the project outcome was extremely positive for both parties.  We worked closely with the SGH project team throughout to ensure a successful conclusion.”

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"Since the installation of the new sterilizers, efficiency has increased, they're reliable, allowing the service to run at 100%. If we encounter a problem an engineer is always available, on the telephone or to visit the site.”

Jean Hedges, Decontamination Manager, Sterile Services Department, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust.

“The ESTS team were highly accommodating to the needs of the project, the timescales were met and the pricing was competitive. We’re very happy with the final result.”

Tom Hall, AED, Sterile Services Department, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust.