About Us

Autoclave & Steam Sterilizer Technology

Established in 2003 with the vision of becoming the manufacturer that best provides innovative and high quality autoclaves in the UK - ESTS are a Northamptonshire (UK) based service provider and manufacturer of autoclaves & steam sterilizers ranging from 100 to 6000Litre capacity for the Laboratory, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary sectors.

Through continued investment and product development, ESTS has become the preferred supplier of autoclaves and associated equipment to many prestigious UK based organisations.

Our strengths lie in our 118 years of combined experience in the autoclave industry enabling us to react fast to any industry changes and adapt to customer requirements by manufacturing bespoke products and satisfying all servicing needs.

Our experienced team of service technicians provide an extensive range of services including a 24 Hour emergency call out response.

We are the manufacturer of the Logiclave range of laboratory autoclaves and steam sterilizers that are designed and built in the UK

Products & Services:

  • Manufacture of Autoclaves & Steam Sterilizers                                                                   
  • Servicing and maintenance of autoclaves & washer disinfectors                                 
  • Refurbishments - Autoclaves & Steam Sterilizers, Washers & Effluent Treatment Plant           
  • Autoclave Discard Boxes / Discard Bins / Laboratory Waste Containers
  • Loading Equipment / Shelves / Racks / Baskets etc
  • Spare parts to suit most types & makes of autoclaves, sterilizers & washer disinfectors           
  • Commissioning to HTM01-01 (HTM2020), HTM2030 and HTM2031                                       
  • Maintenance training

Logiclave is a registered trademark of ESTS (GB) Ltd