An autoclave represents a major capital investment with a projected lifespan of typically 10 to 15 years under normal operating conditions.

The autoclave chamber is a very large part of this financial investment. Where the autoclave or sterilizer chamber remains in an acceptable condition after this time, it is very often the control system that becomes obsolete and fails.

In these instances it can be economical to consider updating the autoclave control system. ESTS offers the Logiclave type control system upgrade package that can be very easily installed and programmed to suit any autoclave.

Refurbished and upgraded autoclaves from ESTS offer excellent value for money and will save considerable sums over the cost of brand new autoclaves.

ESTS are always conscious of the clients own financial constraints and with this in mind works with the client to deliver a package that meets their expectations both in terms of technical performance and within budget.

Refurbishments are carried out either onsite or back at our workshops