Maintenance Training

Standard & bespoke training packages for your autoclave operators, supervisors and in-house maintenance staff.  

Structured training sessions are intended to provide users and maintenance staff with sufficient skills and knowledge to safely operate and maintain their equipment.  The training program takes into account the mixed abilities and can be directed at individual groups of operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel.  On successful completion, a certificate of training is provided to each attendee.   

Standard Training Plans

Training PlanAutoclave Operation Maintenance Manual GuidenceUser Consumables ReplacementUser ManagementBasic Fault FindingAdvanced Fault FindingRoutine TasksCalibrationP.P.MProgram Editing

Autoclave Operator Training

Offers an introduction to the autoclave from the user's area, loading the autoclave, starting a cycle, unloading, routine tasks such as cleaning seals, replacing record charts / printer rolls etc.

Autoclave Supervisor Training

Includes operator training as above and an introduction to the supervisor functions including setting up new users, deleting redundant users, acknowledge and reset faults.

Autoclave Maintenance Training

Provides operator and supervisor training as above and also includes an introduction to the autoclave from the plant-room end including the identification of major components.

  • Each course member receives the operating and maintenance manual
  • Using the manual, each PPM task is demonstrated on the autoclave
  • A cycle is operated and during every stage or sub-stage by using the manual, each valve and/or component contributing to that stage is identified and demonstrated to be operating satisfactorily
  • The dismantling, repair or maintenance of autoclave components is demonstrated 
  • Using the manual to cross reference, common faults will be introduced to allow operators to fault find
  • A ‘hands on’ demonstration at engineering level is offered showing calibration of temperature and pressure sensors, manual overrides, viewing and editing of program parameters
  • Weekly automatic control test including leak test is demonstrated, with operators completing the record sheets which will ultimately be used by the client

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