Autoclave & Sterilizer Instrument Calibration

For the continued performance of your autoclave within its specified parameters, routine calibration of temperature, pressure measuring and recording instruments is a vitally important part of laboratory and production quality assurance.

We offer a full instrument loop calibration service where each sensor is removed from the autoclave and subjected to a range of known reference temperatures/pressures.  Measured values from the autoclave sensors are documented against UKAS certified references as found.  Should the measured values be found to fall outside the specified limits of accuracy the technician will make the necessary adjustments and repeat the procedure fully documenting all ‘as left’ results.

During periodic testing, the calibration of all instrumentation is checked against UKAS certified reference sources by inserting calibrated thermocouples and pressure transmitters adjacent to the autoclave control probes.  The autoclave is then operated through a normal process cycle and any errors apparent with calibration will be corrected by our technician.

Our calibration service includes the autoclave control system, chart recorders, paperless graphical recorders and pressure gauges.

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