Logiclave Remote

Built with our customers in mind for advanced connectivity for online engineering and support services.

Subscribing to LogiclaveRemote allows our engineers to remedy a suspected fault without an unneccessary visit to your premises.  If the suspected fault cannot be rectified remotely, the engineer will have a good idea of the issue, enabling him/her to visit your site with the correct parts or spares to hand.  

LogiclaveOnline allows users to manage and view autoclave data from their computer, phone or tablet providing data such as historical data, trends and machines status. 


A remote access, monitoring and fault diagnosis package connected to each autoclave.

  • Subscription based SaaS
  • Remote diagnostics
  • System upgrades
  • Cloud based data collection and archiving
  • Alarms and reports via email or SMS
  • Inclusive with Platinum level service contracts


View and manage multiple sterilizers from central location (i.e. managers office) with simple browser based application. Access real time and historical data, trends and machines status and more.

  • Subscription based SaaS
  • Multi platform (PC, tablet, phone)
  • Inclusive with Platinum level service contracts

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