Secure and Autoclavable Laboratory Waste Containers

Laboratory users faced with the dilemma of transporting contaminated and infectious waste materials should now consider the new range of Laboratory Discard Containers from ESTS (GB) Ltd.

In response to a user requirement to safely transport contaminated CL3 waste from a laboratory to a central autoclave, the company has successfully developed a discard bin suitable for this application.  

The requirement was to produce a lightweight discard container with an easily securable lid.  It was also necessary to provide the lid with a seal that could both minimise the risk of release of the containers harmful contents and repeatedly withstand the harsh environment of the autoclave cycle. 

The all aluminium discard bin incorporates a renewable silicone seal and toggle clamps for ease of application.  The ‘knife edge’ type lid seal ensures that the discard container can be readily emptied and cleaned after autoclaving.  

Containment laboratory protocol dictates that untreated waste is double bagged and placed in the discard bin.  Prior to leaving the CL3 laboratory, the lid is positioned and the toggle clamps applied to ensure an airtight seal.  The waste is then transported to the autoclave area where the lid clamps are released immediately before placing in the autoclave.  Following successful autoclaving, the containers contents are emptied by conventional means, and returned to the laboratory.

The discard bins are currently available as a nominal 20 litre container with overall dimensions of 450 x 220 x 250mm but custom sizes are available to suit any user’s requirements on request.