Multi-Cycle Laboratory Autoclaves

ESTS(GB) Ltd, an established manufacturer of autoclaves and sterilizers for the laboratory, pharmaceutical and healthcare market are rapidly becoming the preferred supplier to a number of prestigious UK based organisations.

In addition to their standard range of general purpose 600 litre autoclaves, one of the company’s strengths lie in their ability to design and manufacture bespoke autoclaves ranging from 300 to 6000 litres capacity and intended to suit a wide variety of applications including high security autoclaves for containment levels 3 & 4 (CL3 / CL4).  

All autoclaves and pressure vessels are designed in accordance with internationally recognised standards and independently certified as compliant with the Pressure Equipment Regulations (European Directive 97/23/EC) and CE marked accordingly. 

Utilisation of a modular PLC based control system and full colour touch-screen operator interface provides the flexibility to tailor the configuration to the client’s individual requirements and also enables simple retrofitting to existing autoclaves as part of refurbishment programmes.  The user friendly touch-screen enables operators to select and start cycles and provides real-time temperature, pressure and process status information.  As a useful measure of plant performance and as an aid to fault finding and diagnostics, an alarm event log is maintained storing time and date stamped historical data.

Standard features include vacuum assisted active air removal systems, exhaust filtration, alpha numeric data printers and independent cycle recording and archiving. 

Commitments to environmental considerations include fully automatic water and energy conservation systems integral to the design of the autoclave.  

Options include remote fault diagnostics via a dedicated modem link, load transfer systems and a range of aluminium and stainless steel laboratory discard containers.  

Their dedicated team of service technicians not only provide full support for the company’s range of equipment, they are also capable of servicing, fault finding and testing the majority of autoclaves and sterilizers in use today.