Logiclave LAB300V - 2024 Style

Introducing the Logiclave LABV range of Laboratory Autoclaves

– this was the simple title of a press release we published back in the early 2010’s announcing the introduction of our first self-contained small autoclave.  Since the first of its type was built in 2010, the Logiclave LAB300V has by far become our best-selling laboratory autoclave of all time.  So what sets this particular model above all the rest? 

The original intent was to produce a small high quality and cost effective autoclave for Life Science, Research and Academic Scientific Laboratory applications and would complement our larger built in type autoclaves.  Over the years, the LABV has through the continued development of proven technologies and design philosophies advanced to provide users with:

  • Versatility – choose between integral steam generators for autonomy or connect to existing site steam for utility integration.
  • Mobility - manoeuvre the autoclave with ease thanks to its sturdy swivel castors.  No need to struggle with heavy lifting or fixed installations.
  • Ease of Operation - automatic vertical door operation for enhanced safety and user-friendly control.
  • Premier Craftsmanship – with chamber, jacket and piping all constructed from 316L high grade stainless steel, the LABV provides exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Intuitive Controls - navigate sterilization cycles and user controls with ease using the advanced Logiclave type control system built on a rugged industrial PLC controller and intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • Advanced connectivity – connecting to secure remote fault diagnosis and data archiving systems via LogiclaveRemote SaaS.

Ideal for a variety of laboratory applications, the Logiclave LABV excels in:

  • Sterilizing media, glassware, instruments and equipment.
  • Decontamination of research samples and infectious waste materials.
  • Providing safe and sterile environments for critical laboratory procedures.

With its compact footprint, powerful performance, and user-friendly design, the Logiclave LABV is the perfect choice for laboratories seeking:

  • Enhanced efficiency and workflow optimisation.
  • Improved safety and control over sterilization processes.
  • Reduced operational costs and downtime.
  • A reliable and long-lasting sterilization solution.

Now available with chamber capacities from 100 to 375 litres, these versatile units cater to diverse sterilization needs, from small research samples to larger equipment and media batches.

Ready to find out why this is our bestselling autoclave and experience the Logiclave LABV difference?  Contact ESTS today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how this innovative autoclave can revolutionise your laboratory's sterilization practices.