Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the situation surrounding this virus outbreak is developing we are continuing to follow UK Government advice and taking measures to help collectively reduce the spread of this disease.  We do not at this time have any issues likely to disrupt the delivery of services or products to our customers and will provide updates through the normal channels if the situation changes.

That said, we are aware that a number of our customers are only allowing essential visits to site, which could have implications for maintaining critical equipment such as autoclaves and sterilizers.  It is widely known that we are able to provide a remote management system (LogiclaveRemote) which allows us to monitor equipment and diagnose issues without attending site and thus limit the number of non-essential visits.  Please speak to a member of our Technical Department if you would like any further information on this.

We would also ask our customers that if there is any information you think we need know i.e. restrictions on visiting site, new or revised access protocols etc please let us know. This will help us with planning and allocating essential resources throughout these challenging times.

Find out more about Logiclave remote management systems by clicking here..