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Logiclave Laboratory Autoclaves

Logiclave Laboratory Autoclave

The Logiclave Laboratory Autoclave is intended for processing a wide range of materials found in today’s modern laboratory environment including sealed / unsealed culture media, fluids, plastic and mixed discards, fabrics, glassware, equipment and utensils.


The design of the autoclave is based on the key requirements of the following standards / references:

  • PD5500: 2003
  • BS EN285 1997
  • BS 2646 1993
  • BS 3970 Pt1
  • BS EN 61010
  • HTM 2010
  • C14 NHS Model engineering specifications
  • HSE Guidance Note PM73

In addition, the equipment complies fully with the appropriate requirements of the Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999 (SI 1999 No. 2001) and is CE marked accordingly.

Vessel construction

The chamber, jacket and doors are manufactured from minimum 6mm thick high grade 316L stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.  Other process contact materials are generally of conventional copper and brass construction although where appropriate, hygienic stainless steel is also used.  Each stage of the vessel manufacturing process is witnessed and certified by an independent Insurance Company who also verifies the materials used, welder qualifications, weld procedures and acceptance of hydrostatic pressure test.

Control System

The autoclave control system is based on the following hardware components:

  • Rugged industrial PLC type controller
  • Analogue input module
  • Temperature input modules
  • Digital input modules
  • Digital output modules
  • Full colour operator interface (Touch sensitive screen)
  • Independent data recorder (Where specified)

The control system software has been specifically developed for the precision control of the autoclave process.  Program configuration, initiation and monitoring of the process are all possible through the ergonomically designed operator interface.

Data Recording

The Logiclave Laboratory Sterilizer is supplied with a 40 column thermal printer as standard.  Detailed records of each process cycle run including critical times, temperatures and pressures are printed.  Program parameters may also be printed for validation records.  The Logiclave system automatically archives to internal memory all logged cycle data for future retrieval, printing and analysis.  Typically, up to the last twenty cycles are stored in the database.

Further options include independent data recorders with either paper or graphical interfaces provide assurance that sterilizing parameters have been satisfied.

Logiclave Supervisor

A PC based data acquisition system that operates over an industry standard Ethernet connection.  The Logiclave Supervisor package can be connected to any number of Logiclave controllers giving managers the ability to remotely monitor the status of each Logiclave in real time.  All logged data generated by the Logiclave controller is automatically downloaded to a database on the PC.  When reviewing the data, the integrity of the data is verified before being displayed.  


Variants of the Logiclave Laboratory autoclave to suit the requirements of containment laboratories (CL3 and CL4) are available on request.  Stringent bio-containment measures adopted include high security chamber drain with full effluent retention / sterilisation, dual high efficiency exhaust filters, mechanically clamping doors and bio seal panels between adjacent areas.